Aaaahh, yes. You want to know something about me.

Well first off, there’s my face, which will satisfy 80% of your curiosity.

Onto the other 20%.

I am currently wondering why the heck this building has four fire extinguishers lined up next to each other. Why the heck wouldn’t you space them out? What are the chances that the fire is going to be right there where all four are? Who planned this?! This is the most ungerman thing I’ve seen in quite some time.

What else would you want to know about me?

That I’m a 22 year old Idahoan living and studying in Hamburg, Germany. My goal is to one day be a teacher of the subjects English and German and have summer holidays off.

Connected to that goal is the aspiration to inspire students to be the best they can.

This blog is mostly just a record of my ridiculous thought processes throughout my day.

Any further questions can be asked and I shall do my best to answer in full.

That felt way to formal. Uhm. Enjoy? My blog?

Happy birthday to any of you who is celebrating whilst reading this?

And if so: why you reading my blog on yo birthday fool.