Spit Fire Extraordinaire

My unorganized shelve (ok more like library) of random thoughts needs to be cleaned out. This is my overdue spring cleaning. Summer cleaning. It’s like spring cleaning but sweatier.

John Tanner. With a quick google search I was led to this cool website.

It tell you approximately how many people share your first and last name. Well, if you type in John Tanner, you will find out that there are (around) 518 John Tanners alive in the US at the moment. (There are only 50 Victoria Tanners, which, considering what I’m about to tell you, is a pretty decent number).

John Tanner. I remember hearing the name once or twice as a kid in primary school. I remember my mother telling me he was one of my ancestors and I proudly told my class about how he had saved the Mormon church from going bankrupt and told Joseph Smith not to worry about paying him back and because of that, Smith blessed him and said none of his descendants will have financial problems (ahem. Joseph Smith. Cough up dude).

Yeah. That’s all I knew about him. And out of pure curiosity, I googled the man last night in a haze of should-be-sleeping but not-tired-yet. Well. Was I in for a surprise. The man had three successive wives (which means he wasn’t a polygamist, whew, dodged a bullet there). Of the 21 children he fathered, 14 of them made it to adulthood and moved to the Utah territory. (By the way, did I mention that he was born 1778 and died in 1859, no? I didn’t? Well now you know what time period we are in).

14 children. I mean, that’s not THAT many kids. Cheaper by the Dozen was a cool movie, right? That’s just two more kids than what Steve Martin fathered! No biggie.



That’s an incredible amount which blows my mind!!! They made a short film about this man! And a poem! And I’m probably related to anyone who is also at least third generation Idahoan or Utahan! The Tanner Family Association (didn’t know this was a thing?) published a book about it in 1923 and said there were around 2,562 recorded descendants but further research pointed to approximately 3000. THAT WAS IN 1923.

Can you imagine being the source of so many people? 183 grandkids? Are you kidding me? They were just poppin those suckers out like fidget spinners!

This blew my mind and has led me to being very interested in my genealogy, but I’m going to put further research off for a little bit because I really do need to pass my tests and write papers.


So etymology time! Woo! My favorite!

Spitfire. A word I associate with being passionate, sometimes obnoxious, and perhaps a little too spontaneous at time. Something I would relate to myself.

Well a quick look into the etymology dictionary and we find…

spitfire (n.) Look up spitfire at Dictionary.com1610s, “a cannon,” from spit (v.) + fire (n.); c. 1600 as an adjective. Meaning “irascible, passionate person” is from 1670s. Replaced earlier shitfire (similar formation in Florentine cacafuoco).” source.

Okay. Shitfire. Great. Cacafuoco. That sounds pleasant.

Anyway, BEFORE that, it was just another word for cannon, which is pretty rad.

Extraordinaire is 14th century french, yes, for being extraordinary. I find this coming together of words passing (okay I was just re-reading this before it gets published and wish to point out that the german word for “fitting” is “passend”, which is why you see this coding mistake, I meant to write “fitting” instead of “passing”) and I’m not blowing up my ego right now at all and I’m certainly not writing a run-on sentence to distract you from the fact that I think I’m an awesome, extraordinary person who may or may not be too impulsive sometimes.


Tinder is the most ridiculous world I have EVER been introduced to. Not only am I really only using it right now as a confidence booster because it looks cool when all these cute guys message me and I’m not obligated to message a single one back, but I was also interested to see how people present themselves as eligible partners for…whatever. (Not that it is anyone’s business, but I will probably never meet up with these guys because I still have a very strong sense of internet stranger danger, thank you mom). I feel like there are simply better ways to present yourself so that girls or boys may swipe left and start talking to you.

Also, I put in my description to message me their best joke and I am so far 100% disappointed. Come on guys. Get your joke game on.


Anyways, those were some things floating around in my head this past week and now I have released them into the wild. If you have any good jokes, PLEASE MESSAGE THEM TO ME.

If anyone is looking for new music, I recently rediscovered my favorite Norwegian band, Röyksopp, and can highly recommend the Melody A.M. album if you’re looking to study or fall asleep while studying. 

And besides that, have an awesome week and stay cool! Beans! Cool cool beans!



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