My First Blog Post

The world gasps. Her first blog post?

But Torey, you had that blog that one time. Remember? When you left Boise like no one thought you would and then came back and then left again? That blog?

Yes. Shall I redirect you to an easier, simpler time in my life? Go ahead. Click it. Take in my sappy emotions that I mostly faked for an audience at home, who of which I knew would never understand what my exchange year really meant.

Knock yourself out reader.

Exchange students. Probably one of the most annoying breeds of human, unless of course, you are/were one yourself.

No, I think I am beyond my exchange year. Not to say that I am better than it or any current exchange student, just simply over it. And now starting my “first” blog post. As an adult? As an university student? As a perhaps semi-functioning adult? What am I? Someone who depends on spell check? Someone who may spend more time on her phone than she would like? Someone who reads and listens to a lot of news, but hardly seems to find the time to read all the beautiful books which are hibernating in my shelves, waiting to feel the light in between their unread pages?

My first “blog” post. What the heck is a blog?

Let us pull this word apart so that I may practice for my linguistics test in two weeks.

So we have bound and free morphs. “Blog” would be free, because it can stand by itself. Then, on a phonetic level, “b” would be bound, because it needs someone (does it know Freddie Mercury does too?) to love. Log can stand on its own, making it free! (Lucius Malfoy (does anyone else pronounce it “malthoy” and always have trouble spelling it, because I do) may  or may not have given him a sock). Blog would then be a type of clipping because it comes from “weblog” and someone just cut off the “we” and thought they were fancy.

Betcha didn’t know that! Wow! You have involuntarily learned something about a word today! This is probably my main goal with this BLOG is to teach you ridiculous word things that may not hold value to your everyday life, but you can use to pick up girls at the library.

Why did I start the blog? Why haven’t I started on my assignment for my presentation on Friday? Why did I even come to the university today when we have the day off?

I feel like I’m asking more questions than I am answering.

I started the blog because a very fine friend of mine, this young man, mentioned to me that he had a blog, has had a blog since December it looks like, and writes quite eloquently. I enjoyed reading through his adventures and was inspired.

Not as much as inspired as jealous.

What an outlet! What a way to remember your life when you are 90 years old and wishing you had kept all your journals, or even started a journal because who the heck journals nowadays?

I used to. And then it turned into journaling when  I was sad. And then I wasn’t sad that often and now I just glue in trinkets and ticket stubs when I’m bored and have already cleaned and organized my room.

So I was jealous. And figured that it would be worthwhile to simply TRY this out. Now, I could save this all for myself. I don’t have to share it with anyone.

But today’s society begs to receive attention for every shit it takes, so I figured, why the heck not.

I’ll do my best to update regelmaßig (regularly). I’ll also do my best to share with you my second-self, which is my German self. Anyone who speaks a second language perhaps also feels like they are two different people sometimes…

Or I should see a doctor. At least James McAvoy’s character from Split won’t eat me.

I’ll do my best to also keep up on my uni homework. Not that anyone here worries as much as I do.

Let’s try it go. I can hear Snoop Dog saying “Let’s take a journey” and this cracks me up. I honestly wish Snoop Dog would narrate my whole life.

And also, who also pronounces it “narrarate”?

The great thing about linguistic studies, is that linguisuddallyaccept any version of a language they hear. So instead of being a dick and correcting all small grammar mistakes (which I do very often because farther is different from further), they accept each person for the beautiful flower they are.

And I aim for this flower accepting attitude. But I am also going to become an English teacher so I will live a very contradictory life.

Guess what? I haven’t started on my presentation yet.

And guess what? You’ve experienced around 800 words of my thought process from last night and this morning. Feeling lucky? Privelegded? Wishing the last few minutes of your life back?

I’m interested.

Before I really do publish this and start on my geplanten Hausarbeit (a german adjective and word that doesn’t directly translate into English. The direct translation would be “planned home work”, oh wait. It does. But Hausarbeit is more like a 15 page essay that you have to write for a seminar each semester and geplanten is more like “my hopefully future idea for…”), I wanted to direct everyone to one of my other favorite blogs (Matt, your blog isn’t my favorite because you’re my favorite in real life instead of online) this man’s blog. He is the creator of this etymology online dictionary

which has proved very interesting and helpful this semester.

Semester? Uni? Hausarbeit? Torey, are you going to college??

Yes. I am. I feel like this blog is trying to pull so much information out of me.

Is now the time? Do I introduce myself? Yes. I’m Torey. Or at least my American self is widely known as Torey. My german self goes by Victoria because most Germans seem to have a hard time with the “r” sound in my name, so I took on my very british, I-only-get-called-this-when-I’m-in-trouble name. And now I sound really fancy in German.

I am currently, in this moment, twenty two years old and am in my second semester of Lehramt. Lehr. Amt. Ha. Freaking German. Lehr means teaching, Amt means office, put it together and you get “The university program of studying to become a teacher” which involves the two subjects you want to teach and a lot of didactic and educational development. These studies are nowadays made up of a bachelors program (six semesters), a masters program (four semesters) and eighteen months of student teaching. If I successfully complete all of that, I will be an official teacher in northern Germany and also have the option to be a civil servant (by which time I will most likely be a German citizen). Long story short, I have a long story in front of me which is so far quite short.

Torey. This is all great, but shouldn’t you be starting your presentation??

Oh yes. Well. For this short time, I felt very hip, writing on my blog in a cool university cafe with my vanilla late and the Beatles are playing. Why would I want this to end? Oh yeah, so I don’t have to half-ass rush everything Thursday night.

Ok. You’re right. Thanks for being so worried about my homework stress levels. You’re such a nice reader! Come back and enjoy my next blog post, in which I can promise pulling apart words, contradicting myself, explaining why Germany is an amazing place, probably teaching you new German words, and also wondering why the heck no one went back to the moon.
Special thanks to Matt, for reminding me that blogs are a thing, and also to Mikayla Johnson, for living life without functioning kindeys and also simply kicks ass every day.

Special thanks to Katherine Rogers, who reminds me how ridiculusly fast time flies by.

Special thanks to Jake Tanner, for dealing with my wishywashyness errday.

And thanks to Katie Tanner, for being her own person also she looks like a hotter version of me who actually has her shit together.

Thank you to the cute guy sitting across from me on his laptop for just doing his thing. You go dude.

Okay. Guess what. I somehow enabled overtype in the middle of editing this. And because German keyboards are slightly ridiculous, I do not have the ability to turn it off. So I’m going to publish this and if you see a weird part in which I wanted to say “Linguitssually” then just go back with this knowledge and reread the sentence so it makes sense and I don’t look like a huge idiot. Its supposed to say Linguists usually.

I will start now. Watch out geplanten Hausarbeit! You’ve met your match!

Until next time dear readers, which probably won’t be any. I salute you.


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