Spit Fire Extraordinaire

My unorganized shelve (ok more like library) of random thoughts needs to be cleaned out. This is my overdue spring cleaning. Summer cleaning. It’s like spring cleaning but sweatier. John Tanner. With a quick google search I was led to this cool website. It tell you approximately how many people share your first and last name. […]

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Another one? Already?

Aren’t you getting ahead of yourself? You just started! Take a break! Grab a coffee! READ A BOOK!  Yes. These facts are true facts or else I would have described them as alternative. Which is an adjective that has taken on a much different meaning lately. The far right party in Germany is known as […]

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My First Blog Post

The world gasps. Her first blog post? But Torey, you had that blog that one time. Remember? When you left Boise like no one thought you would and then came back and then left again? That blog? Yes. Shall I redirect you to an easier, simpler time in my life? Go ahead. Click it. Take […]

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